Amir and Matin are brothers who enrolled in CRLC just a week after the establishment of the learning centre in 2014. They both were quite excited to make new friends as they felt friendless for a period. “I was excited to be at the learning centre. Later I understood that the learning centre was more than a learning centre for me”

Amir remained as the school captain for long time and led the group of prefects to maintain good discipline in the school. His hard work as a leading student, his respectful behavior, love for school and his unique talent inspired other students, teachers and our visitors.

Amir’s Father has been one of the many supportive parents from within our community, His dedication, effort and cooperation during his time working at CRLC helped the learning centre to be a better place. He was an outstanding parent who not only supported his own children at school but also he was a great help towards school.

“Since my birth I have been seeking asylum. I will not believe that I am leaving to Canada until I am sitting in the plane flying to Canada and I am able to start a new life with no Refugee label on my forehead. In Indonesia I learnt that change is possible anytime and anywhere. Muzafar, Khadim and Miss Tahira, who were also refugees, had a great impact on the lives of refugees and refugee children. I am inspired by all the teachers and leaders of our community.”

Amir, Matin and their parents know that Canada is cold but they are excited because it is a great country with friendly people and a wonderful prime minister Justin Trudeau. Both the brothers are excited to not be called refugee anymore. They hope that the world lives in peace, brotherhood and unity. CRLC wish this family much more success in Canada. #crlcfamily
“I want to do great for my country so that my name goes down in history as a good person” Said younger brother Matin.