Every year, the first day of spring is celebrated as Nawroz by millions of people in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and many more. This day is special for many reasons. This is the day that the sun crosses the plan of the equator, where day and night are equal. First spring brings life back to nature, and everything grows anew. This special day begins another 365 with new dreams, happiness, loves, and renewed hopes.

During this ancient festival, people show their thanksgiving for nature by preparing special dishes of fresh green vegetables, visiting their relatives and friends, and making parties all around.

At CRLC, we are all in limbo here in Indonesia; however, this day is special, and we recognise it as the day for new hopes, New Year, and new dreams. We wish happiness, prosperity, love and lots of good news for the CRLC community, students, staff, and all the world during the New Year 1396. Nawroz Mubarak!! #crlcfamily