This week was very productive and the teachers and management at CRLC learnt a lot from the training from our Australian visitors.

We received management training on various topics which we had identified as areas we needed advice. These included teacher recruitment, planning agreements, short and long term planning goals, decision making and conflict resolution. The training on these topics are necessary to create a sustainable team at CRLC. The whole management team enjoyed learning different techniques and we feel ready to face future challenges. We greatly benefited from Gaia's experience and are excited about the future of our school.

Miss Robyn Henderson worked with the teachers explaining how to best use the interactive resources they bought and made for the school. These resources are durable and reusable. They will result in more interesting and engaging lessons for the students. The teachers have started using these aids and resources in the classroom and the response has been very positive. We also were given some ideas on behaviour management and how to motivate students to do their best.

We are very lucky to have such amazing friends whose love for the children and school is endless. The support Gaia, Robyn and Zoe have given us is really incredible. Besides all those resources they have also donated 7 big magnetic whiteboards for each classroom which we were able to buy locally. We welcome Gaia Grant, Zoe Grant and Robyn Henderson to the CRLC family.