The most senior class of our school is studying the Earth and Space Sciences. The interest and enthusiasm for their studies is remarkable- every single teacher loves to meet such creative and hardworking students, who make every lesson interesting and easy.

The result of their group project is the formation of a solar system with limited resources, i.e wires, balls, papers, watercolors and scissors etc. The students shared their views and understanding after four hours working to form the solar system in their class:

“There are eight planets in the solar system today because Pluto, which was considered as planet, is no longer in the list. This is because it is a Dwarf planet, not big enough to be called an actual planet. We now understand much better how days and nights are formed, how weather changes, and which planets are the terrestrial planets in the solar system. The burning ball of gases with 15 million degrees Celsius heat is located in the centre of the planets. It is called the sun, which is the biggest object in the solar system as you see.”

“I found the activity quite productive and creative. Our class activity can be a guide for junior students to take the idea of solar system. I am satisfied by the group work under the motto of ‘we are a team,’” said the teacher. #crlcfamily