About the School

The Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre (CRLC) is a refugee established and managed school located just outside of Jakarta, Indonesia. It has been operating since August 2014 and now has 7 classrooms, 12 teachers, 6 administration staff and nearly 200 students - all refugees.

Between 8-2pm the CRLC has 122 children between 5-17 years old. In the afternoons we teach basic English to 59 older women, many of whom are illiterate even in their native language. We are also trialling online classes in the afternoons for 24 adults, which are supported by the Refugee Council of Australia and volunteer Australian teachers. The CRLC provides extra curriculum activities like football and excursions for the students.

The school is supported by Australian non-profit Cisarua Learning Limited (ABN: 19 621 094 022).

Since starting it has attracted support from Australia and around the world. The school is regularly visited by Australian University students, academics, teachers, artists, authors, filmmakers, journalists and other interested individuals. It has presented positive media stories in numerous television, radio and print publications.