About Cisarua Learning Limited.

Cisarua Learning Limited is a non-profit association (currently applying for DGR status as a PBI), established to support the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre (CRLC), and to build an outreach and advocacy campaign within Australia.

Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre started in a small house in August 2014. An Australian couple paid the rent. The parents contributed $2.50 dollars each to pay for carpet, whiteboards and other teaching materials, and some of the women in the community volunteered to teach. In only a few days the school had 50 students.

New students arrived everyday and the waiting list became longer and longer. When the original lease ran out, the community found another larger space and the rent on that property was paid informally by a small group of Australians.

Since then the CRLC has received support from many places. Cisarua Learning Inc is designed the formalise this support, and to direct donations to the school in an official and transparent manner.

Cisarua Learning Limited. has a board including Jolyon Hoff, Caroline Sage, Muzafar Ali, Melanie Morrison, Simon Taaffe and Lucy Fiske