A new beginning for our students

Mustafa and Maryam lived opposite to our old learning center. Being from Iraq and speaking Arabic as the main language, they were not much visible outside. They played only with other few Arab kids. It was the time when Mustafa and Maryam became our students.

Since early August 2014, Mustafa and Maryam found a lot of friends. They could speak Hazaragi because all his friends were Hazara refugees. They learned and played together. Today Mustafa and Maryam came to learning center for one last time to say good bye to their friends because they were going to another country for resettlement. We saw, usual playful and energetic Mustafa and calm and sweet Maryam with shining faces. They both looked happy. Mustafa embraced, shook hand and kicked his class fellows and waved his goodbye hands for one last time before he disappeared from our sights in Cisarua. We wish Mustafa and Maryam all the very best, wherever they settle. Their memories will always enlighten our mind. It was a lovely journey with you, naughty Mustafa and shying Maryam.