A Day with Senior Elementary Students

The students worked on a sweet activity of making cell with candies and jelly. It was a fun activity to do! And definitely a great experience for them to work as a team and share ideas with each other. Ultimately, they came with incredible product and it was a super fun to use with other students and a great little treat for everyone to taste. Senior Elementary teacher, Ms. Mary expressed her gratitude;“Thanks to Lucy Hamilton for the materials you sent. The students enjoyed the activity and they had fun making with the cells. Wholeheartedly my students and I thank you from the core of our hearts for making the learning as fun.” One of the senior students, Ms. Farzana said; “It was amazing to work together. I value the team work as it builds our creativity and we really enjoyed making cell. It was a great experience.” Another brilliant student, Amir told about his excitement; “I really like to gain new experience and it was really nice to make a cell with various kinds of candies!”