We Thank Our Supporters

Our learning centre could always be an idea with the support of these amazing people. On this important day we feel obliged to acknowledge their tireless support for our learning centre. Some of them are:
Mr Jolyon Hoff and Ms Caroline Sage
Ms Lucy and Mr Angus Hamilton
Ms Jackie, 
Ms Helen Sage
Ms Wendy Harris, Ms Jennie, Ms Rachel, Mr Brenton Hall, 
Ms Pam Jacobs
Ms Melanie Morrison and Ms Marty Morrison
Ms Eva Orner
Mr Henry Rajendra and Ms Penny Gilmore
Ms Robyn McIntyre
Ms Cailtlin Welch
Mr Simon Taaffe
Ms Cathrine Roberts and Ms Michele Jones
Ms Judi Miller
And the list goes on with a lot more names who morally and materially supported us in our cause to educate refugee children.