We are proud of our partnership with ACICIS.

We are proud of our partnership with Australian Consortium for 'In-Country' Indonesian Studies (ACICIS). It is for the 3rd years hosting students from different universities from Australia and New Zealand. Communication and friendship has been a key element in the success of our refugee community and we believe that the more we talk the better we understand and educate each other.

Yesterday 32 journalism students visited CRLC and spent time with our kids, participating in the classes and having a good chat with our students and staff members. Our family had a profoundly moving experience and we at the CRLC are so happy to have met our new Australian friends this year.

One of the journalism student said: “Even though we only spent a few hours here, hearing your stories has changed my life. I sincerely hope the policies on refugee’s changes in the future. I know that myself and many of my friends and family would welcome you to our country with open arms. Thank you so much for giving us this once in a lifetime experience.”