One of our talented and hard working student is resettled in Australia.

One of our talented and hard working student is resettled in Australia. He spent two years in limbo in Indonesia. He remained an active student during his time at CRLC. We believe he has a bright future the way he performs today.

"My name is Sayed Dawood Hussaini, I am 15 years old and from Afghanistan. I arrived in Indonesia in 2014 and still remember my first horrible days that I had there. From one side I was missing my relatives and friends and on the other side I was not able to communicate with other people in Indonesia, because I couldn't speak a single word of English.

I found an English teacher who helped me a lot. Unfortunately for me, he left Indonesia after I had 5 months of lessons with him. It made me really sad as I thought I would forget all that I had learnt from him. Luckily, within a short time I learnt about a school for refugees, from my football coach. He took me to the school to talk with the manager of the school. I was accepted at the CRLC. There, I made many friends, I was able to improve my English and learn Mathematics, Science and Arts. Now, I am in Australia and I am not struggling because I know English and I am able to easily talk with people. When I speak with people in Australia, they are surprised by my English and asked me where I learnt to speak English so well. I proudly answer that I learnt at Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre.

Thank you to all of CRLC's teachers who are working hard to provide refugees an education and give them a chance at a brighter future."