Yasmin Turkmani is a student of Senior Primary Two.

Yasmin Turkmani is a student of Senior Primary Two. She has been studying at Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre for around 6 months. She is happy to be in her class working together with her new friends. She had very little knowledge of English from her home country Afghanistan. "I could not speak English with visitors when they first came to our school but with the passage of time I have developed speaking and other skills in English.”

She loves all her subjects at school and she would like to be a good designer in the future. Her enthusiasm and commitment to her studies and all activities at school make her an outstanding student. Within her very short time at CRLC, she has participated in competitions and art workshops in Jakarta. "It was a life time experience for me to see the dioramas and sketch the diorama of our lives as refugees and express our stories through art and paintings.”

Yasmin’s brother Sami Turkmani also studies at CRLC in Senior Primary One. Both this brother and sister enjoy learning at CRLC as they were missing their home town and childhood friends so much. Today both are happy and wish the world to be a peaceful place. It has been about one year that Yasmin has been living as a refugee, but she continues to overcome all challenges and struggles. #crlcfamily