Moments shared by visitors

"When I first started visiting Indonesia in 2012 everyone was sitting in their homes feeling worried and bored, holding their mobile phones close and waiting for a call from UNHCR. Now when I visit I see children laughing and learning and I have to make appointments with adults if I want to talk - everyone is busy. CRLC's reach goes far beyond the families directly involved - it has unlocked creativity and ideas in refugee communities around the country. Bravo CRLC family!" Dr. Lucy Fiske

During the last three years we have not only opened a school and educated children, but we have created and strengthened the local refugee community. CRLC facilitated the acquaintance of new skills and recognised potential and talents in the community. For example, women and mothers, who have never visited a school, are now speaking in English fluently thanks to our devoted volunteer teachers.

Tomorrow you will have the chance to listen to the speeches of these women and to watch our students perform traditional dances. Around 3pm we will broadcast these highlights live from our anniversary celebration. 
Happy Third Anniversary. #anniversarty #celebration #women #students