Condolences to the victims in Afghanistan

The history of Hazaras in Afghanistan has always been dark. Ever since the time of Abdur Rahman – who killed 64% of the Hazara people – senseless violence has always part of our lives. Last week, the Taliban attacked three peaceful districts in Afghanistan, which are the main access points to Hazarajat. The three districts of Uruzgan, Malistan, and Jaghuri have been under siege for a week. The Taliban have killed hundreds of innocent children, men, and women. Thousands of Hazaras have lost their homes and are now forcedly hiding in the mountains. Regrettably, the corrupt government of Afghanistan has not taken any measure to protect our innocent and peaceful people. As a consequence of the brutal attacks, many of the refugees in Indonesia have lost family members and friends. We wholeheartedly feel their pain and pay our condolences to the victims of war and terrorism. We stand with the districts of Malistan, Jaghuri, and Uruzgan. There are thousands of Hazaras like us who are the victims of war and terrorism. Despite the Taliban’s efforts to spread death and hatred, we in Cisarua pledge to continue our mission to educate our children and all members of our community. Forms of persecution against the Hazara people are inhuman and painstaking. And yet, they will never pull us away from our path of solidarity and progress.