Faraidoon Rezai

Faraidoon Rezai fled his country at a very early age. He is just 13 years old from Afghanistan. For four months Faraidoon, his brother and his mother have been in Indonesia as a asylum seekers. For the first three months Faraidoon was at home and missing his school and friends. Luckily he got enrolled at the learning centre and has built up good friendship with his classmates. He is so happy. Faraidoon is a keen student of Middle school.

Aside from schooling he plays football with his friends, which is great fun for him. It has been almost a month that he has been studying again in class. “I have improved much in English within only a month.“

Our bright student wishes to be a pilot in the future. He also wishes for his friends to not be so worried. He says, “one day each of us will get settled somewhere safe.”