Teaching and Child Safety Protection training by UTS

One of the most valuable parts of volunteering in transit is receiving training based on different agendas. This year we received training on teaching Social Sciences, and on how to use technology in the classroom. Social science is an important part of our curriculum, it helps our students to understand the world and to develop critical thinking. Today, being able to use technology is an essential foundation for all students. Learning how to integrate technology in the classroom has helped to make study easier, more fun and more effective. We also received Child Protection and Safety Awareness Training from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). As we work with children of all ages it is important to be aware of children’s rights, safety and protection and to ensure a nurturing and peaceful environment for all the children. Now every single member of CRLC has knowledge of child protection and what we can do as teachers to keep them safe. We wholeheartedly thank UTS for the ongoing Teacher Training and look forward to further training to help us serve the community and children the best we can.