Art is one of the favorite subjects.

Art is one of the favorite subjects for most of our students. It's because you can express yourself and have a chance to show creativity. We always encourage our students to express themselves through art and share their feelings with others.

Zahra says: "If I am happy, I would draw and if I am sad again I would draw. In both cases, art helps me to express myself."

Women's Day

Let's thank the amazing creature on earth who is a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend and a leader. When we first started CRLC, it was women who were the first to step in and start teaching with very limited resources. Today we have succeeded in bringing an educational revolution among the refugee community in Cisarua. Women are the backbone behind our successful journey in the education field.

So to the brave women who started an education revolution in Cisarua, today and every other day, we say thank you. #crlcfamily

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Faraidoon Rezai

Faraidoon Rezai fled his country at a very early age. He is just 13 years old from Afghanistan. For four months Faraidoon, his brother and his mother have been in Indonesia as a asylum seekers. For the first three months Faraidoon was at home and missing his school and friends. Luckily he got enrolled at the learning centre and has built up good friendship with his classmates. He is so happy. Faraidoon is a keen student of Middle school.

Aside from schooling he plays football with his friends, which is great fun for him. It has been almost a month that he has been studying again in class. “I have improved much in English within only a month.“

Our bright student wishes to be a pilot in the future. He also wishes for his friends to not be so worried. He says, “one day each of us will get settled somewhere safe.”

Teacher training from University of Technology Sydney in Cisarua.

We are very thankful to be connected through education, with the world beyond Cisarua - especially Australia. This is the second time we have received teacher training from University of Technology Sydney in Cisarua. It is growing bigger and much more successful for us.

Teachers from different refugee led learning centres participated in the latest training, which focused on units of work and lesson plans. After visiting all the learning centres, we came back together for a final workshop, not only learning teaching skills, but also strengthening relationships and understanding among the refugee community and the UTS teachers.

Very special thanks to our supporters Lucy Fiske, Nina BurridgeDamian Maher and Bilquis Ghani

Our students spoke with our supporters in Los Angeles.

Today in the morning our students spoke with our supporters in Los Angeles. They shared their stories and answered many questions from the audience.

We're proud that our students are representing themselves and raising their voice.

We are paying the rent next month. If you want to help a refugee child to go to school - donate here:

UNHCR Report on Refugee Education.

UNHCR Report on Refugee Education

UNHCR estimates that as many as 3.7 million refugee children have no school to go because they are hosted, mostly by developing countries. UNHCR seeks for support from host countries, donors, business and individuals for refugee education.

The situation in Cisarua, however, is quite different than what UNHCR reports. Instead of waiting for government or UNHCR or someone else, refugees have stepped up and provided quality education for their children. They showed resilience and innovation to start this learning centre and establish a good relationship with non-refugees who are a great support for the learning centre.

We are extremely proud that Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre was the first school for refugees and provide education for hundreds of students, young children and women. Also hosting international students and interns.

Eid 2017

There is a lot suffering out there in the world this Eid. Many families are in mourning around the world.

What is needed now is not more hatred. Dig deep for the empathy. Remind yourself and those around you that it is not faith, but inhuman conditions that cause inhuman actions.
Wish your Muslim neighbors well on this most important of holidays. And ask for forgiveness, as is the custom. For we can all do more to bridge the divides.

Eid Mubarak from the community at Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre.

For our Indonesian Friends. 
Selamat Hari Raya Idul adha, Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

Safoora Nasiri has built incredible English skills within one year.

Safoora Nasiri, 14 years old, has built up incredible English skills within just one year of being a student at CRLC. She has been in Indonesia for 13 months, with family, including her niece and nephew, who are also studying at CRLC.

“I had studied until 7th grade in Afghanistan. I had no English skills other than alphabets. Here at CRLC, it took me only four months to learn how to communicate. I meet many visitors at the learning centre, and try to communicate with them as much as I could. I am thankful to my teachers, who spent extra hours to work with my English. Today, I am able to read books from the library, and text with our visitors. I am in contact with Miss Hilly Montague, Miss Jennifer Moberg, and Miss Yvonne Mathis.”

Safoora has participated in stage programs many times, and she is also very keen on her studies. “Although mathematics is considered to be a difficult subject, it is my favorite. I love the way we study here at CRLC, because it is very interesting, and made easy! My favorite personalities are the teachers from all over the world- they help and educate everyone. I want to be a very social person, and I have many friends at the school. I request all my friends to stay calm, and study hard.”

Safoora feels safe and happy in Indonesia. But like all others, she is still in the middle of her uncertain journey, and keeps waiting for the call from UNHCR. #crlc #students #refugees #indonesia

Happy Independence Day 2017

The CRLC family and the refugee community would like to wish all Indonesians, and in particular our Indonesian friends, neighbours and supporters, a very happy Hari Merdeka or Independence Day and congratulate Indonesia on 72 years of Independence.

Many of us have lived here in Indonesia for a number of years, and we are very grateful to Indonesia for their generosity in hosting the refugee community.

Happy Independence Day to all our Indonesian friends and supporters on this special day.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan bagi Semua teman dan pendukung Indonesia di hari istimewa ini. #Indonesia #Independendenc #Celebration #refugees

Moments shared by visitors

"When I first started visiting Indonesia in 2012 everyone was sitting in their homes feeling worried and bored, holding their mobile phones close and waiting for a call from UNHCR. Now when I visit I see children laughing and learning and I have to make appointments with adults if I want to talk - everyone is busy. CRLC's reach goes far beyond the families directly involved - it has unlocked creativity and ideas in refugee communities around the country. Bravo CRLC family!" Dr. Lucy Fiske

During the last three years we have not only opened a school and educated children, but we have created and strengthened the local refugee community. CRLC facilitated the acquaintance of new skills and recognised potential and talents in the community. For example, women and mothers, who have never visited a school, are now speaking in English fluently thanks to our devoted volunteer teachers.

Tomorrow you will have the chance to listen to the speeches of these women and to watch our students perform traditional dances. Around 3pm we will broadcast these highlights live from our anniversary celebration. 
Happy Third Anniversary. #anniversarty #celebration #women #students

Celebration for our three years of successful operation.

We are proud to announce a week of celebration for our three years of successful operation. Students are eager to participate and practice to set up a program for third anniversary of the Learning Centre. You will be amazed to see mothers presenting speeches, kids dancing and making different contests and quiz competitions.

Today marks three successful years of providing a quality education to refugee kids and women as well as to other adults via online study. We are connected with stronger bond of friendship and understanding with the local and international community. CRLC has been more than a school today. We have educated other communities about refugees and inspired them by the reality and talents.

Share your memories from Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre in the comment section.

Happy Third Anniversary. #CRLCfamily #Women #kids #teachers#celebration

Pleased to host Mr. Alberto Gelmi

We have been pleased to host Mr. Alberto Gelmi for the last month at CRLC. After visiting school he was quite satisfied and happy:

“I was looking for volunteering somewhere in Indonesia for 2017. A friend of mine, who worked for Red Cross, mentioned CRLC and I found very easily on Facebook.”

Alberto worked with teachers on IELTS preparation, with students at school, and he also taught the online students an extra hour per day. He says he had fun and good time.

“I enjoyed working with teachers in the morning: your devotion is admirable. I guess that working with the online-class for a longer period of time gave us the chance to know each other better. It was moving and fun at the same time to see their performances the last day of school. They did work hard, and they all went the extra mile, each one according to his/her level and challenges. And they were so excited too, even dressed-up.”

We have hosted many visitors and guests like Alberto- they have educated themselves about refugees and about our lives. All guests return home with good experiences and better understanding about refugees.

“I will definitely point out how diverse your backgrounds can be: it is not just people living in Red-Cross tent, but it can also have the form of a small and young community like yours (ours): you provide kids and young adults with some basic education in a safe and loving environment. This is the best antidote for the long periods of time that you live as refugees, in which boredom and frustration become the most impelling problems. After these few weeks, I am starting to conceive of the life of the refugee as a limbo: you keep waiting for a call, but you don’t know when the phone will ring. CRLC does not solve the problem. Not in the least, unfortunately. But still, you are making the best use of your time and the students’ time: and you do it for free, when you could just stay home. Hats off!

The experience was enriching and humbling. The level of organization of the school surprised me. Especially since you do not know how long will end up living in limbo and you were not trained-that’s what I understand. Keep up the good work. And keep taking care of the family, as you call it: it is a powerful tool as you all are there and as you all, hopefully sooner than later, or even better, as soon as possible, will move to you next destination.” #visitors #guests

Ahmed Suroosh's Story

Twelve year old Ahmed Suroosh has been one of our keenest students for the last two and half years since he arrived in Indonesia. Originally from Ghazni province in Afghanistan, he studied up to class four in Pakistan.

“When I joined CRLC, I knew very little English. Now I have developed my English skills, and I have also improved in science, mathematics and arts. Today these are my favorite subjects, because the education system is different than Pakistan- I love this system now! During my time at CRLC, I have met many visitors from around the world, including Indonesians. I ask them questions and reply them in English.”

Today Ahmed Suroosh has friends from Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq in his class. He enjoys learning and schooling here, and has finished around 50 small books from library, which help him improve greatly. Ahmed Suroosh has two goals in his future: his parents would love for him to be a doctor, and he himself dreams to be a great football player. Besides school, he helps his mother study English and wash clothes, as they are alone together here; his father is in Australia.

“I am in search of a peaceful country, but I prefer to be with my father in Australia. I dream to be a great player, and then come back one day to CRLC to tell others that I was a student of CRLC.”

Ahmed participates in different activities, and his teachers are happy with his performance. We all know he has a bright future ahead of him! #CRLC#students

The Staging Post Documentary.

We are proud that our story inspire people around the world. The Staging Post documentary is about how the CRLC has been established and how the CRLC changed so many refugees lives. This film tells a different narrative of refugees' life as resilient, resourceful, innovative to create a community around education.

Coming week our friends Jolyon, Caitlin and Muzafar will be in Canberra screening the film at Dendy Premium Cinemas .Tickets are on sale now. You can get yours here:

Eid 2017 CRLC

There is a lot suffering out there in the world this Eid. Many families are in mourning around the world.

What is needed now is not more hatred. Dig deep for the empathy. Remind yourself and those around you that it is not faith, but inhuman conditions that cause inhuman actions.
Wish your Muslim neighbors well on this most important of holidays. And ask for forgiveness, as is the custom. For we can all do more to bridge the divides.
Eid Mubarak from the community at Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre.

For our Indonesian Friends. 
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri, Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.
#crlcfamily #students #eidcelebration

Visit of Aqilah Nafisah Ulya and Erika Chrisiani.

We are working not only to provide children with education, but also to teach the local and international community about refugees in Indonesia. As with the international community, we have also built a strong relationship with local communities here. We have hosted many teachers, students, and researchers from Indonesia. Recently Erika Chrisiani, from University of Indonesia, and Aqilah Nafisah Ulya, from Padjadjaran University, Bandung, came on their final research to write an undergraduate thesis.

The two university students spent two months and one month, respectively, volunteering as teaching assistants, as well as sharing Indonesian cultures and traditions with the students, building up friendships. Both of them enjoyed being at CRLC.

“I felt like I was at home. Every morning, the warmest greetings with kisses and hugs from teachers, and great smiles from students made my time at CRLC one of the best I’ve ever had. Taking the chance to visit CRLC, I made a right decision and I will stay in touch with CRLC family, who have became my family, too. I am impressed by the high level of positivity and hope that the kids have at school. I will tell my community to come and meet each of the refugees, who are like us- they need care and support. Being a refugee is just the status they have today, but they are friendly, wise, and the most talented human beings on earth. These refugees have established a school and also manage it, which is really influential.

CRLC gives hope to the children and the families. Parents will no longer be worried about their children’s education, and the children will have a space to develop themselves, to be much better people. The volunteer refugees, who are tirelessly working to provide education for kids, are the real heroes, who manage, teach and love the kids. I was inspired when everyone at CRLC welcomed me, and lastly told us that the door is open for us to visit the school at any time.”

We thank Erika and Aqilah for being so supportive during their stay at CRLC. The students and teachers have benefited greatly. We wish both of them success and happiness in their lives ahead. #refugees #indonesia

Afzal Hamza's Story

Afzal Hamza is from the volatile province of Maidan Wardak, Afghanistan. After having fled the intensifying insecurity in his home country, he has been living as a refugee in Indonesia for about 14 months.

15 year old Afzal, along with his two younger sisters, has been studying at CRLC for the last 9 months. He knows that this is the only time and circumstance under which he could study without having to do other jobs to support his family. He believes he has developed much greater English skills than he ever did studying in Afghanistan. “Speaking with lots of English visitors helps me speak more fluently. I am happy to be a middle school student here.” His favorite subject is mathematics.

Besides school, Afzal loves football. “Football is a great means of activity for me. I have two missions in my life: I want to be a civil engineer, if I could. Second, I want to be a great footballer! I am inspired by Barcelona, Spainstar Neymar Jr.."

Afzal’s father is very happy because his two daughters and son study here at CRLC. He always visits the school, and takes the progress report of his children. The whole family is hopeful to be resettled soon, to any peaceful country, where they can start a life free of fear or terror. #students