Jolyon HoffComment

The election is over.

Jolyon HoffComment

The election is over now. Our young students voted for their favorite candidate to represent them for next few months.

We wish all successful candidates the very best in future and support them to fulfill their goals and plans.

We also wish the very best for the candidates who apparently did not get enough votes but still they are in leading roles in CRLC among fellow students. We really optimistic that these students are our future leaders.

We thank to all students who cast their votes and made the elections successful. We are sure this is a positive practice they experience and will be really helpful for them to formulate their future.

We are thankful to our ever hard-working teachers for organizing this election. This even was not possible to take place with your idea and hard. work

Thanks to the parents for your trust and patience over the system CRLC has adopted to run.

We sincerely hope the spirit shown by the students, teachers and parents to keep high. Together we can achieve the goal of quality education to our children.