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Fardin's Story

Jolyon HoffComment

"On Thursday we had match with Indonesian people. We make an appointment near the new school. We told to our teachers, "Please come to our match" and they say, "OK! We will come!"

"When I went to school, I saw all the teachers and half of the students are at the school. I think they were 40 people. We started to move from the school, it (the ground) was actually 20 minutes by walk. When we got there, they (Indonesian people) did not come. We waited for five minutes. After five minutes heavy rain started. We played handball with our teachers, under heavy rain.

"We played handball for three hours. When the rain finished, we returned home"

Well preserved memory by our brilliant student, Fardin Soltani. It was indeed a memorable day not only for students but for all our teachers. A remarkable day to remember and the enjoyment of playing together.

Stay blessed Fardin and hope for many more such days filled with joy in the new year.