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A new beginning

Jolyon HoffComment

Muzafar Ali, is a co-founder of the Cisarua Refugee Learning Center. He and his family played a significant role in setting up the learning center and building the refugee community in Cisarua.

He contributed in many ways including physically establishing the learning centre, acquiring recourses, welcoming and hosting our international friends at his place and supporting the centre, in countless ways. 
We are very appreciative of all you and your family have done for our community. So now we have more then one hundred students in the center, who would otherwise be on the street and uneducated.

On the 24th of this month, we were very sad to say goodbye to you and your family, but extremely happy about your resettlement in a new home. The refugee community in Cisarua, teachers, students and the board members of the learning center wish you every success in the future.

Once again, THANK YOU Muzafar and Nagina, for your efforts.