Jolyon HoffComment

Our Students Turn Teachers

Jolyon HoffComment

We are proud to announce that three of our brilliant female students from Senior Elementary, Ms. Farahnaz Salehi, Ms. Farzana Salehi and Ms. Sadeqa Karimi are now teachers. Fortunately they are trained and went through some unique opportunities to enhance their teaching skills.

It was an emotional day for our new teachers at their classroom with their classmates. It was hard to say good bye to their friends and start a new life as a teacher at CRLC. The new teachers were taken to all classrooms to introduce them to all students for their new role as teachers.

The new teachers will teach students year 4-5 and 5-6 year grades. The new teachers will fill the voids of outgoing teachers. The transition of embracing changes without effecting our educational purpose is one of the core aim of CRLC, bearing in mind that its refugees to support refugees in desperate situation.

Thanks to Australian Teachers Union, in collaboration with NSW Teachers Federation for providing them with amazing teachers training and also to Ms. Jackie for working hard organizing a unique opportunity for them to observe teachers at one of the best schools in Jakarta and also providing them with accommodation.

And we wish our new teachers, Ms. Farahnaz, Ms. Farzana and Ms. Sedeqa all the very best new experience in their lives and we believe in their dedication for serving other refugee children with their knowledge and teaching skills. We are proud of you!