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Online class since August 2016

Jolyon HoffComment

Online class has been operating since August 2016. Gulistan Sultani one of our talented student shared about his Journey and time in limbo.

"Three and half and years ago I fled my country. I flew from Kabul to India. I was given a form to fill out my personal data and the purpose of travelling to India. It took me more than an hour and a half to get to India. I could not fill out the form in the plane. At the airport I was handed a new form to fill out again. For three hours I could not fill out the form, or discuss with anyone that I was unable to write. Finally an Indian helped me fill it in for me and I came out of the airport. I can never forget it.

I had never studied online before. When I joined this class at CRLC I could not understand my teachers when they were speaking because their accent was very difficult for me to understand. Now after attending the class for some months I can better understand their accent and English. I have lost my country of birth and my childhood friends but I have developed English skills within this period of my unknown journey. I can ask for water on the plane now or I can confirm my ticket when I am resettled.

I will try continue my education once I am resettled but If I could not get the chance I will work and get some money for my family. Football and volleyball are my favourite sports."