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Ahmad Basir Zaffari Tofan's story

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I am Ahmad Basir Zaffari Tofan and I am 15 years old. I was born in Afghanistan in 2001. My life is passing like waves of an ocean. I feel like my life is a shipwreck destroyed by a bad thunder storm, its pieces departing in different sections.

My family was forced to flee my home Afghanistan. We migrated in Quetta, Pakistan when I was Eight years old. It was difficult at the beginning but I tried to adjust and develop a new sense of self. But as I was getting used to it, ethnic targeting ripened where we were living. Again with no way back to Afghanistan, my family fled to Indonesia.

My family and I are placed in darkness. We do not know what will happen to us. At the beggining, it was difficult for me as the youngest child of the family, as I did not have friends to play with. I was missing my friends in Pakistan. But afterawhile I found CRLC. I was very excited.

My name was put on the waiting list. After a year I got the opportunity to be a student again. Now I have a lot of friends and am enjoying holdings my books again. I am happy that I found the opportunity to not just study but also play football.

I am inspired by Abdul Ali Mazari. I hope to study politics and become a leader in the future.