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Angus Hamilton experience at CRLC

Jolyon HoffComment

The CRLC has many friends from Australia and elsewhere. This is Angus Hamilton talking about his experience at the CRLC.

"I first learnt about the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre through my mother, Lucy. She told me that she'd been talking to these incredible people over Facebook who had started up the learning centre for Hazaragi children stuck in Cisarua, but that they had very few resources and that they had many challenges to overcome to ensure the survival of the learning centre. Together my mother and I set about gathering as many books as we could to give to the school to help the children, and community, with their English skills, and to help provide the teachers with books to better enable them to teach the children.

Eventually, we worked out that the best way to get the books to the learning centre was to deliver them ourselves. With only books in our luggage, we flew to Jakarta, met Khadim and got our first experience of the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre.

The passion and determination that we witnessed from all involved was simply awe-inspiring, and drove us to continue to be involved in any way we could to support this amazing project. 
We returned over the Easter weekend this year with another delivery of books, seeing the new location of the centre, and neither of us could quite believe how the school had grown and evolved in such a short time, yet it had kept those elements that had made it so inspiring and endearing to begin with. The people involved, from the children to the adults within the community, had given them all something to do, something to get behind. You could see that all of them completely believed in what they were doing!! 
Over the course of this year, I have also been involved in running 'Q&A with a refugee' sessions, where we have skyped Khadim in, and gave people an opportunity to ask him almost anything they wanted to try and educate those within our community about what life can be like for refugees.

The CRLC inspired me to try to help make a difference, and to try and spark better dialogue within our community. It's brought me into contact with so many amazing people, and I in turn have fought to bring the stories of their lives to those here. I could not more thankful for being presented with an opportunity to be involved with this amazing project, and I have so much admiration and respect for all involved. The CRLC is truly an inspiration!"

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