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Arzoo and Omid's mother sharing feedback

Jolyon HoffComment

The Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre held a community meeting this week with the teachers and parents to discuss how we can provide the best education for our kids, both at school and at home. After this meeting, we held our parent teacher interviews where the teachers provided feedback to the parents about the children’s progress.

Arzoo and Omid’s mother was one such parent at the interviews. Here is her feedback about the experience:

Arzoo and Omid’s teachers were very happy with their progress at school. Both Arzoo and Omid told me that they are good at their studies and that they understand what they are being taught at school. I have no words to express my feelings. It is important to have these community meetings and parent teacher interviews, so that we can also help our children at home.

When we first arrived in Indonesia, my children were not going to school as CRLC was full. We waited for a long time for enrolment and we were very worried about our children. Arzoo was disappointed during this waiting period and she always asked me “mother why did we come to Indonesia?” I had no answers for her questions. Now that she is studying, she never asks me these types of questions.

I have seen a lot of improvement in both Omid and Arzoo. Both of them have improved on their English speaking skills and confidence. I help with their studies every day for two hours in the evening. In the future, Omid wants to be an artist and Arzoo wants to become a scientist. I respect their choices and I want them to be the best people they can be. It can be very difficult living in Cisarua, but I suggest to everyone in this same situation to be hopeful during hard times and help their children with their education.

As a mother, I want nothing more than my children to be happy, be able to study and have a better future.