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Fatima and her story

Jolyon HoffComment

I am Fatema Karimi. I am 9 years old. I was born a day before Christmas!

When my family migrated to Indonesia, I had no friends. I was at home all the day. I was alone and looking outside from my house window. My family was worried about me and my future. However, they found a teacher to teach me English, but it was only one hour and too boring. It was also not interesting for me because I had no friends.

I do remember the day when I first heard about the school. My home wasclose to the school and my mother told me that I will also go school soon. I immediately started preparing myself and hoping to go there as soon as possible. On the first day, I made two friends. Now I have many friends and some of them are my best friends.

Since I came to the school, I feel really good. After school hours, sometime I go to my friends’ house and play with them. It was something I was missing since we fled from our country.

I remember, last year, I celebrated my birthday at school with my class fellows. We had a wonderful small party in our class when all the teachers and students sang birthday song for me and wished me. More than 30 students ate my small birthday cake! It was a very special day for me and I was very happy.

I get sad when some of my friends settled in another country but now I got used to it. I now know that refugees come and go in Indonesia. My new friends are Arzo and Mena.

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