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I am a mother and a father

Jolyon HoffComment

The refugees in Cisarua are from different countries and the CRLC family is lucky to have them. Each refugee has a different story and Sahel and his father's story is one of them. Sahel is studying in the Foundation Class. Let's hear the story from his father.

"We are living in Cisarua away from his mother and the rest of the family. My eyes are always towards Sahel. I am a mother and a father for him.

Everyday I drop him to the Learning Centre and wait till he finishes. Ourrefugee journey is very hard but Sahel gives me energy. The other day he got an award from his teacher and he was very happy and so was I. While waiting for Sahel I take books from the library and read.

We are like best friends. In the afternoon we go for walks. At night time we play wrestling and I let him win all the time. He takes my leg and counts till 3 and then he becomes very happy when he wins. This is how we spend our time and he slowly goes to sleep.

He asks a lot of questions and I always try to answer it. But he repeatedly asks me the same question - “When will our passport come so I can go and see mum?” I am ready to do everything for him to be happy and get education. My dream is to see Sahel as an educated person in the future."