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Library - Sports - Art

Jolyon HoffComment

Library – Sport – Art

Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre has more than 2,000 books for children and adults. Thanks for our Australian friends who donated these books. There are a lot of story books for very young up to grown up children. Moreover, there are books on science, general knowledge, maths, games, art and sports. Our students are encouraged to take these books on regular basis. They share their readings with the class mates.

We also have women soccer team. Every weekend, they play soccer. It’s great fun for them. They wait for game-day the whole week. They simply love it, because playing soccer, for many refugee women is a wonderful new experience in their lives.

The teachers use a lot of art activities for the students. They have produced some beautiful art pieces. Therefore we need a lot of art materials for our learning centre.

We are committed to continue these activities for our students, volunteer teachers and management team. Please support our Pozible campaign to continue these activities: