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Sedeqa is a teacher and a sister

Jolyon HoffComment

My name is Sedeqa – a teacher and a sister…

I still remember those dark days when we had to escape from our country; in search of a peaceful place to get education without any fear.

When we came to Indonesia; we had no hope, no activity, no plan, no idea on what our future holds and most importantly, no right to get education for many years to come as refugees.

In fact I got my hopes back when I heard about Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre and the refugees who established it. I could not wait to be a part of this learning centre. I wanted to be one of those amazing people who were already working hard and sharing their knowledge with the kids and the community.

On 01 November 2014, I joined the learning centre. This is an unforgettable day for me because it restored my lost hopes and enlightened gloomy soul. My four brothers and one sister also enrolled as students in the school.

I am a teacher now. I love my lovely students. I work really hard to prepare for the next day’s lessons. When I am teaching the kids, I forget that we are living a difficult life as refugees. 
Being a refugee, I never thought that I will ever be able to be a teacher, to meet different people and gain invaluable experience.

Despite all difficulties in life, Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre has given me and my family the courage to continue our challenging journey with hope and dignity. This is a reason for us to be happy and celebrate.

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