Jolyon HoffComment

Hilly Montague coming to CRLC gave her great memories and experience.

Jolyon HoffComment

Hilly Montague who had spent some times in many Asian countries. Coming to CRLC gave her great memories and experience. We are lucky to have such incredible and hard working friends and supporters. She spent three weeks teaching our kids at school and helping teachers.

"By the end of my first week at Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre, I felt like I’d already spent a month. Everyone at school knew my name and I would start each day with all the children running up to me to say hello! In my three weeks at Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre, I have been teaching the six students in the secondary school and I have absolutely loved it.. My students have worked so hard and consistently exceeded my expectations as they did more work than I asked them for homework and each of them had their assignment finished three days early! I have never met students before who have such a commitment to their studies and such a love of learning.

I have really loved being their teacher and they have made me incredibly proud! I cannot wait to see what each of them grows up to be. They are all such hard workers and curious about the world around them, they have reminded me what it is to love learning. I have been staying with a refugee family while I am here and it has been an absolute highlight of my time here. I love coming home after school and playing with the girls and doing drawings and homework together. They are both really funny and lovely girls and they make me smile and laugh all day of every day. The entire school, teachers and students have made me feel incredibly welcomed into this community and I am really going to miss everyone.

I really hope to come back one day. This place is so much more than a school, it is a place for contagious positivity, joyous energy and strong spirits. I really wish more people from my home country, Australia, would come here to understand more about refugees. We need to forget the politics and focus on what is important, the people in front of us who are more generous, kind-hearted and incredible than I could ever describe in words. It has been my absolute privilege to be here and get to know the wonderful teachers and students. I won’t ever forget you or what you taught me. All my love!"