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Tahira's story.

Jolyon HoffComment

Tahira arrived in Indonesia looking for her missing husband, Reza. She didn’t find him, but instead she found the CRLC family.

She had been living with her two children in a small room in Jakarta when she heard the CRLC was starting. On our first day she came and asked to teach, and from this day she dedicated her life to the school and to passing on education to the children in Cisarua.

She was so fiercely determined that when the school was shut for a period she started teaching at her house. 30 children would pack into her small room to continue their education.

Over the last year she has been the manager at the CRLC and has taken it to a new level of capacity, inclusiveness and functionality. Sometimes tough and firm, no-one ever doubted her dedication and love for the school. From early morning until late night she thought only about how to improve the CRLC and to support those in it. The sounds laughing, joy and learning are louder than ever now.

She was a particular support for the women in the community. She encouraged them to play football and there are now many women footballers in Cisarua. She started afternoon classes for the older women who generally have little to no education. They start at A,B,C,D, and there are now 59 women coming to the CRLC every afternoon.

Our loss is Canada’s gain. With the great love, respect and deep gratitude we said goodbye to Tahira and her beautiful children. We wish her all the best in Canada and we know she will achieve great things there. At the same time she will always be here with us in Cisarua - our leader and our inspiration. #CRLCFamily always.