Jolyon HoffComment

15 year old Sajjad is studying at CRLC.

Jolyon HoffComment

15 year old Sajjad is studying at CRLC. Before coming to Indonesia a year and a half ago as a refugee Sajjad studied at a school in Kabul, Afghanistan. Sajjad has had the opportunity to continue his studies for the last year at CRLC where he says he feels safe and much more relaxed than he felt in Afghanistan. His interests at school include Mathematics, Science and Art, with his teachers observing that he has made significant improvements in English class.

“I am very happy when I meet visitors at school and am able to speak English with them. I have learnt a lot from visitors and the teachers at CRLC. When I first came I could only write my name and my parents name in English, but now I am able to give this interview in English.”

Sajjad recently sang the English song “Imagine” at the Australian Independent school Idol, where upon finishing he said he was very pleased with his performance, expressing how eager he was to continue learning English to assist him in further pursuing singing in English.

“I am very happy. I play football for the school and out of school. I want to share with all of my friends the importance of developing their English while living in transit. They should try and go to school and work hard to be able to develop their skills.”