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Afzal Hamza's Story

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Afzal Hamza is from the volatile province of Maidan Wardak, Afghanistan. After having fled the intensifying insecurity in his home country, he has been living as a refugee in Indonesia for about 14 months.

15 year old Afzal, along with his two younger sisters, has been studying at CRLC for the last 9 months. He knows that this is the only time and circumstance under which he could study without having to do other jobs to support his family. He believes he has developed much greater English skills than he ever did studying in Afghanistan. “Speaking with lots of English visitors helps me speak more fluently. I am happy to be a middle school student here.” His favorite subject is mathematics.

Besides school, Afzal loves football. “Football is a great means of activity for me. I have two missions in my life: I want to be a civil engineer, if I could. Second, I want to be a great footballer! I am inspired by Barcelona, Spainstar Neymar Jr.."

Afzal’s father is very happy because his two daughters and son study here at CRLC. He always visits the school, and takes the progress report of his children. The whole family is hopeful to be resettled soon, to any peaceful country, where they can start a life free of fear or terror. #students