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10 year old Mansoora and her little sister Samira...

Jolyon HoffComment

“I went to Kabul, and I went to Afghanistan, too.”

Meet the two cute students- from Senior Primary One and Junior Primary- who did not even know that Kabul is the capital city of their country, Afghanistan. Today, they are waiting with their mother in limbo for their unknown future.

10 year old Mansoora and her little sister Samira have been studying at CRLC for the last year. In the beginning, when these little kids joined the school, they were living very far away. “I used to wake up at 4am, and Samira at 4:30, because she was crying if she had not had a good sleep. Every day we left home at 5am.” Their mother had to take them to school every day, taking at least 3 forms of public transport.

The infinite love pulled them to relocate closer to the school. Both are happy making new friends, and love to play games inside their classes. Mansoora is very keen; she has been participating in dance and drama. Their performance at school is incredible.

“I like CRLC because my books are easy! In Quetta we had a lot of homework, and my books were difficult.” Mansoora would love to be president someday, and make her country peaceful. “I would like to fulfill my mother’s wishes- she wishes me to be a good person!” #students