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Visit of Aqilah Nafisah Ulya and Erika Chrisiani.

Jolyon HoffComment

We are working not only to provide children with education, but also to teach the local and international community about refugees in Indonesia. As with the international community, we have also built a strong relationship with local communities here. We have hosted many teachers, students, and researchers from Indonesia. Recently Erika Chrisiani, from University of Indonesia, and Aqilah Nafisah Ulya, from Padjadjaran University, Bandung, came on their final research to write an undergraduate thesis.

The two university students spent two months and one month, respectively, volunteering as teaching assistants, as well as sharing Indonesian cultures and traditions with the students, building up friendships. Both of them enjoyed being at CRLC.

“I felt like I was at home. Every morning, the warmest greetings with kisses and hugs from teachers, and great smiles from students made my time at CRLC one of the best I’ve ever had. Taking the chance to visit CRLC, I made a right decision and I will stay in touch with CRLC family, who have became my family, too. I am impressed by the high level of positivity and hope that the kids have at school. I will tell my community to come and meet each of the refugees, who are like us- they need care and support. Being a refugee is just the status they have today, but they are friendly, wise, and the most talented human beings on earth. These refugees have established a school and also manage it, which is really influential.

CRLC gives hope to the children and the families. Parents will no longer be worried about their children’s education, and the children will have a space to develop themselves, to be much better people. The volunteer refugees, who are tirelessly working to provide education for kids, are the real heroes, who manage, teach and love the kids. I was inspired when everyone at CRLC welcomed me, and lastly told us that the door is open for us to visit the school at any time.”

We thank Erika and Aqilah for being so supportive during their stay at CRLC. The students and teachers have benefited greatly. We wish both of them success and happiness in their lives ahead. #refugees #indonesia