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Pleased to host Mr. Alberto Gelmi

Jolyon HoffComment

We have been pleased to host Mr. Alberto Gelmi for the last month at CRLC. After visiting school he was quite satisfied and happy:

“I was looking for volunteering somewhere in Indonesia for 2017. A friend of mine, who worked for Red Cross, mentioned CRLC and I found very easily on Facebook.”

Alberto worked with teachers on IELTS preparation, with students at school, and he also taught the online students an extra hour per day. He says he had fun and good time.

“I enjoyed working with teachers in the morning: your devotion is admirable. I guess that working with the online-class for a longer period of time gave us the chance to know each other better. It was moving and fun at the same time to see their performances the last day of school. They did work hard, and they all went the extra mile, each one according to his/her level and challenges. And they were so excited too, even dressed-up.”

We have hosted many visitors and guests like Alberto- they have educated themselves about refugees and about our lives. All guests return home with good experiences and better understanding about refugees.

“I will definitely point out how diverse your backgrounds can be: it is not just people living in Red-Cross tent, but it can also have the form of a small and young community like yours (ours): you provide kids and young adults with some basic education in a safe and loving environment. This is the best antidote for the long periods of time that you live as refugees, in which boredom and frustration become the most impelling problems. After these few weeks, I am starting to conceive of the life of the refugee as a limbo: you keep waiting for a call, but you don’t know when the phone will ring. CRLC does not solve the problem. Not in the least, unfortunately. But still, you are making the best use of your time and the students’ time: and you do it for free, when you could just stay home. Hats off!

The experience was enriching and humbling. The level of organization of the school surprised me. Especially since you do not know how long will end up living in limbo and you were not trained-that’s what I understand. Keep up the good work. And keep taking care of the family, as you call it: it is a powerful tool as you all are there and as you all, hopefully sooner than later, or even better, as soon as possible, will move to you next destination.” #visitors #guests