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Ahmed Suroosh's Story

Jolyon HoffComment

Twelve year old Ahmed Suroosh has been one of our keenest students for the last two and half years since he arrived in Indonesia. Originally from Ghazni province in Afghanistan, he studied up to class four in Pakistan.

“When I joined CRLC, I knew very little English. Now I have developed my English skills, and I have also improved in science, mathematics and arts. Today these are my favorite subjects, because the education system is different than Pakistan- I love this system now! During my time at CRLC, I have met many visitors from around the world, including Indonesians. I ask them questions and reply them in English.”

Today Ahmed Suroosh has friends from Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq in his class. He enjoys learning and schooling here, and has finished around 50 small books from library, which help him improve greatly. Ahmed Suroosh has two goals in his future: his parents would love for him to be a doctor, and he himself dreams to be a great football player. Besides school, he helps his mother study English and wash clothes, as they are alone together here; his father is in Australia.

“I am in search of a peaceful country, but I prefer to be with my father in Australia. I dream to be a great player, and then come back one day to CRLC to tell others that I was a student of CRLC.”

Ahmed participates in different activities, and his teachers are happy with his performance. We all know he has a bright future ahead of him! #CRLC#students