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Safoora Nasiri has built incredible English skills within one year.

Jolyon HoffComment

Safoora Nasiri, 14 years old, has built up incredible English skills within just one year of being a student at CRLC. She has been in Indonesia for 13 months, with family, including her niece and nephew, who are also studying at CRLC.

“I had studied until 7th grade in Afghanistan. I had no English skills other than alphabets. Here at CRLC, it took me only four months to learn how to communicate. I meet many visitors at the learning centre, and try to communicate with them as much as I could. I am thankful to my teachers, who spent extra hours to work with my English. Today, I am able to read books from the library, and text with our visitors. I am in contact with Miss Hilly Montague, Miss Jennifer Moberg, and Miss Yvonne Mathis.”

Safoora has participated in stage programs many times, and she is also very keen on her studies. “Although mathematics is considered to be a difficult subject, it is my favorite. I love the way we study here at CRLC, because it is very interesting, and made easy! My favorite personalities are the teachers from all over the world- they help and educate everyone. I want to be a very social person, and I have many friends at the school. I request all my friends to stay calm, and study hard.”

Safoora feels safe and happy in Indonesia. But like all others, she is still in the middle of her uncertain journey, and keeps waiting for the call from UNHCR. #crlc #students #refugees #indonesia