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UNHCR Report on Refugee Education.

Jolyon HoffComment

UNHCR Report on Refugee Education

UNHCR estimates that as many as 3.7 million refugee children have no school to go because they are hosted, mostly by developing countries. UNHCR seeks for support from host countries, donors, business and individuals for refugee education.

The situation in Cisarua, however, is quite different than what UNHCR reports. Instead of waiting for government or UNHCR or someone else, refugees have stepped up and provided quality education for their children. They showed resilience and innovation to start this learning centre and establish a good relationship with non-refugees who are a great support for the learning centre.

We are extremely proud that Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre was the first school for refugees and provide education for hundreds of students, young children and women. Also hosting international students and interns.