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Help us get a Screenrights Cultural Grant.

Jolyon HoffComment

Dear Friends in Education, and supporters of the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre and The Staging Post film,

An important part of the work of Cisarua Learning Ltd is to create connections, community and understanding between Australians and the refugees in Indonesia. We believe it is a two way education process.

This year, the Screenrights Cultural Grant is focussing on the connection between education and screen content, and we are applying in order to extend and develop our school screenings and workshop program. There are very few grants supporting our work and it would be incredibly powerful for our ongoing work if we could extend this program.

We would like to present the attached letter as part of the application and hope that you might be able to put your name, either as an individual or on behalf of your organisation, to the letter. Please forward to anyone how you think would be willing to attach their name and has education experience. Thank you so so much. We hope this grant will help us to visit, and create connections with, many many more schools.

If you would be willing to support his application, could you send an email to with 

Name and Title:

Organisation (Optional):

Years in education:

Short comment (Optional): 

e.g.. We would love to host The Staging Post Education Project at our school/university.

We screened The Staging Post and the students loved it.

Muzafar and/or Jolyon presented The Staging Post at our schools and made a powerful impact on our students.

Thanks so much.


Jolyon and Muzafar