Jolyon HoffComment

One of our friends from Australia visited CRLC.

Jolyon HoffComment

One of our friends from Australia visited CRLC late last year and was a tremnedous help to our teachers. We are very grateful for your visit.

“What originally was going to be just under a three week stay, ended in me extending it to a month. I would have stayed longer if I could've. My introduction to some of the teachers, students and volunteers in Jakarta was when they went on an excursion to explore art expression and putting dioramas together for their exhibition. It was amazing having people from Indonesia and Australia be so happy to do work with CRLC. I couldn't have received a warmer welcome from both teachers and students.

It was incredible to see so many people from the community and other places be so committed to helping the school. I saw many visitors from Australia come and work and show their support. Seeing how all the teachers and other volunteers put so much effort into creating a school with equal opportunities as one elsewhere. Through a good school curriculum but also extra curricular for the kids. It was a place all the kids wanted to be everyday.

My time acting as a, sort of teachers assistant, and helping putting together new oral hygiene program and helping teachers for the new year. Throughout my time, I went to different families homes and I loved being welcomed as family and getting to know such inspirational, intelligent, courageous and loving people. I didn't get everything I wanted done, but my work with you guys will continue in whatever way I can help. I miss my CRLC family already but I'll see you all next May! An amazing community to be apart of, I feel very lucky!”