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Happy Eid 2018

Jolyon HoffComment

Refugees live outside of any system, and are on an uncertain journey. Dispersed around the world and away from their homes and families, they still hold onto hope, and strive for togetherness, strength and happiness.

CRLC is that centre of togetherness, community and happiness for refugees in Cisarua, Indonesia. We have created great relationships with the Indonesian and international community, and here we forget any borders and differences.

On this special Eid we wish all our friends and the muslim world a very happy and prosperous moment. We hope this Eid helps us forgive each other and achieve our goals.

Selamat merayakan Idul Fitri bersama keluarga dan handai taulan. Semoga kita semua selalu berada dalam bimbingan dan lindungan Allah SWT. Damai sejahtera Idul Fitri memenuhi hati kita semua dengan harapan dan kekuatan serta kebijaksanaan. Mohon maaf lahir batin.