Radio CRLC - Ep 16

Today is Monday, 12 August 2019

News headlines

CL limited program manager and finance coordinator visited the CRLC

Woman English classes in CRLC had a yearly excursion in Jakarta water Park 

News Details: 

Two weeks ago, the program manager and finance coordinator Jolyon Hoff has visited the CRLC in Bogor Cisarua. Jolyon Hoff is one of the first supporters and the CRLC and CL. Limited Co. Founder, he attempts a lot for the CRLC and CL. Limited in Australia and Indonesia. In a dinner gathering, I have asked about his feeling, expectation and long-term goal about refugee children’s education and asked him about the current refugee situation in Indonesia.

 Last year the Australian International School’s teachers in Jakarta had raised funds on the international woman’s day, they have donated money for CRLC woman English classes. Last week the CRLC woman had an excursion to Jakarta water part, this is the second year that the AIS teachers donating for the CRLC woman English classes to have fun and gathering in the CRLC Campus or out of the CRLC.

The women's English classes have expressed their feeling and thanked the AIS teachers to support them.  

Khalil Payeez interviewed some of the women and asked their feeling about the excursion!

It was the latest news from the CRLC in Bogor Indonesia

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Radio CRLC - Ep 15

Monday, 1st of July, 2019

News headlines

CRLC staff excursion tour to the Tindung Island.

Stress, and self-care management for refugee volunteers.

Interview with JRS staff about refugees around Indonesia.

News Details: 

Two weeks ago, all CRLC staff went to the excursion to Tidung Island, four hours from Jakarta. After six months it was a refreshing time for everyone to enjoy their time through swimming, group cycling, and playing games. Some of the participants expressed their happiness about the team building and togetherness.

Last week there was the stress, and self-care management workshop conducted by JRS and Pusat Krisis Psychology Fakultas the University of Indonesia, Mr. Budi Hartono was the facilitator with the assistant of Rangga and Saskia. It was for three days at the Erema Village in Bogor CIsarua, I was one of the participants and also, I interviewed Mr. Budi about assisting refugees through learning the Psychology issues.

Last week I Interviewed Mia, JRS staff, about the refugees. I asked her as an observer on the refugee situation around Indonesia and about the Indonesian Government plans for integrating refugees into the Indonesian community. In the end, she gives a message for both refugee people and Indonesian about communicating and supporting the two communities.

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Radio CRLC - Ep 14

Monday, 1st of July, 2019

News headlines

Hiking break time in the pacific crest trail.

How to Attract People using body language

Futsal match at between learning centers

News Details: 

Khatera Amiri is presenting the first part of the news

Susanne and Gustave is on the hiking break time in the crest trail, this week Susanne tells us about what needs at the hiking time, and how to treats about your health issues and food during hiking. Susanne said “HI” to all CRLC students!. You can follow Susanne and Gustave on Instagram (Eco. Mail) and Facebook (Ecomile).   

How to attract people by using the body language, according to (wiki How Staff).

Nine things attracting people to you open up new networking and relationship opportunities. To do this, you will want to use the appropriate body language, say the right things and cultivate engaging personality traits to make people special and comfortable around you.


 On Friday 28 June, there were two futsal matches at the premier futsal ground in Taman Safari CIsarua Bogor. Mr. Reza CRLC sports coach is talking about.

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Radio CRLC - Ep 13

Monday, 24th of June, 2019

News headlines

An update from Susanne and Gustave, hiking the pacific crest trail.

TB info session by JRS and Puskismas in Hope learning center

CRLC teachers and students played futsal with SMU students

News Details:

Susanne and Gustave hiking in the pacific crest trail.

According to Wikipedia “The Pacific Crest Trail, officially designated as the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) is long-distance hiking the highest portion of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges, which (160 to 240 km) east of the U.S”. interested people can follow Susanne and Gustave on Instagram (Eco. Mail) and Facebook (Ecomile).   

Tuberculosis information session

Last week there was the tuberculosis info session in the Hope learning center by JRS and Cisarua Puskismas. I have visited the JRS information and Advocacy officer to know about the info session and TB cases around Cisarua.


Last week a group of students from Melbourne Australia visited the CRLC, Khatera Amiri is reporting about their visit.

Radio CRLC - Ep 12

Monday, 10th of June, 2019

News headlines

Hiking story by Susanne from the United States

One of the teachers said goodbye to CRLC From Indonesia

CRLC students participation to NUS workshop at CRLC

Interviews from women futsal match

News Details:

It’s the second week that Susanne (with trail name) sunrise send her hiking story to CRLC Radio

Susanne and Gustave are raising funds for CRLC. This year they are hiking 4300 kilometers and raising one US dollar per mile. You can follow them on Instagram (Eco.miles) and the FB ID is (Ecomiles).

Mustafa Haji Zada resettles to Canada

One week ago, at the evening there was his farewell party that all CRLC staff gathered to say good journey to Mustafa Haji Zada. I asked him about living Indonesia.

Two weeks ago, Nanyang university students from Singapore have visited to CRLC they provided four days, workshop for CRLC students, I have interviewed Laila, Soroush and Sarah to share their interests and experiences from the workshop.

Sport: One week ago, on Thursday evening there was a futsal match between the Refugee Learning Center and Refugee Learning Nest women's teams. The coach and the RLC player shared their views with us about the match.

Radio CRLC - Ep 11

Monday, 27th of May, 2019

Mis. Tahira was the previous teacher and manager at CRLC, now she is living in Canada this week she tells us about her story and experiences as a teacher as mother that what she does for her children at home and at school.

Last week Nanyang Technological University students from Singapore visited to CRLC. They conducted a four day mathematics, reading, writing and cultural activities workshops with senior students at the CRLC.

The first is a series of stories from Susanne Holste and Gustav, who are hiking in California and raising money for the CRLC.

All the latest from refugee Futsal tournament matches.

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Radio CRLC - Ep 9

Wednesday, 15th of May, 2019

President University students visit to CRLC


Interview with CRLC teacher, Khatera Ameri.

Interview with RLN sport coach.


Middle school student , Mujtaba, reports on the latest CRLC futsal match.


A song by CRLC students. Lyrics by Afghanistan singer, Roya Dost.

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Radio CRLC - Ep 8

Monday, 6th of May, 2019

‘Labor Day celebrations’

About Labor Day around the world.


Seperate interviews with regular CRLC visitor John Taylor, and Cheryl Tayor.

Kaiedres Situation

EX-CRLC teacher, Sahar Ahmad, updates the situation of refugees living on the streets at Kaliedres


A review of the latest Futsal match between RLC vs RLN women.


A song by Zakaria, Guitar Ali Nazari and Zakaria

Radio CRLC - Ep 7

Tuesday, 30th April, 2019


University Technology of Sydney, improvised theater teachers, Cale Bain, Mehal karym and Chrisanthi Giotis visited the CRLC for four days to conduct workshops.

‘World Book Day’

CRLC student have a message for World Book Day.

Workshop Summary

A summary from the last day of our improvised theater skills workshop. Featuring CRLC kids.


A review of the latest Futsal match between CRLC and another Cisarua refugee team. The two teams competed well and CRLC won the match by a close 12 to 10 goals.


A Banin music song by Timothy Nicholas and Ali Nazari

Radio CRLC - Ep 6

Monday, 22nd of April, 2019


  • Interview with CRLC computer instructor

  • Drinking Water at the Right Time

  • Interview with CRS Karate coach

  • Five more years to lead the country

  • On Friday afternoon there was match between boys at Taman Safari football grounds so, I meet Ali Omran and Mujtaba about their football match.

  • A song by CRLC Guitar class

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Radio CRLC - Ep 5

Monday, 15th of April, 2019

On Friday a deadly attack happened in Quetta Pakistan. On behalf of the CRLC and Refugee community, Mr. Nusrat Karimi sends condolences to the victims of the attack and Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan!

News headlines

  • CRLC reporters interview the middle primary students,

  • Interview with Tracy GED manager for Cisarua Bogor,

  • A new GED mentor introduced to refugees in Cisarua Bogor,

  • Monthly meeting between learning centers in Cisarua,

  • An Interview with a participant of GED test preparation

News Details:

Shila and Nilofar provide a short interview of students.

We spoke to Tracey Donehue, who is managing the GED test general education diploma in Cisarua, Bogor Indonesia. We also hear from Mereani Lalabalavu, an Australian volunteer helping refugees in Cisarua with their GED preparation.

We speak with RLC manager and principal, Abdullah Sarwari, about co-ordination between refugee education centres in Cisarua.

Baser Zafari discusses his GED preparation.

 A short song by Pariya from CRLC junior class.