Radio CRLC - Ep 5

Monday, 15th of April, 2019

On Friday a deadly attack happened in Quetta Pakistan. On behalf of the CRLC and Refugee community, Mr. Nusrat Karimi sends condolences to the victims of the attack and Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan!

News headlines

  • CRLC reporters interview the middle primary students,

  • Interview with Tracy GED manager for Cisarua Bogor,

  • A new GED mentor introduced to refugees in Cisarua Bogor,

  • Monthly meeting between learning centers in Cisarua,

  • An Interview with a participant of GED test preparation

News Details:

Shila and Nilofar provide a short interview of students.

We spoke to Tracey Donehue, who is managing the GED test general education diploma in Cisarua, Bogor Indonesia. We also hear from Mereani Lalabalavu, an Australian volunteer helping refugees in Cisarua with their GED preparation.

We speak with RLC manager and principal, Abdullah Sarwari, about co-ordination between refugee education centres in Cisarua.

Baser Zafari discusses his GED preparation.

 A short song by Pariya from CRLC junior class.