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Radio CRLC - Ep 12

Jolyon HoffComment
Radio CRLC - Ep 12

Monday, 10th of June, 2019

News headlines

Hiking story by Susanne from the United States

One of the teachers said goodbye to CRLC From Indonesia

CRLC students participation to NUS workshop at CRLC

Interviews from women futsal match

News Details:

It’s the second week that Susanne (with trail name) sunrise send her hiking story to CRLC Radio

Susanne and Gustave are raising funds for CRLC. This year they are hiking 4300 kilometers and raising one US dollar per mile. You can follow them on Instagram (Eco.miles) and the FB ID is (Ecomiles).

Mustafa Haji Zada resettles to Canada

One week ago, at the evening there was his farewell party that all CRLC staff gathered to say good journey to Mustafa Haji Zada. I asked him about living Indonesia.

Two weeks ago, Nanyang university students from Singapore have visited to CRLC they provided four days, workshop for CRLC students, I have interviewed Laila, Soroush and Sarah to share their interests and experiences from the workshop.

Sport: One week ago, on Thursday evening there was a futsal match between the Refugee Learning Center and Refugee Learning Nest women's teams. The coach and the RLC player shared their views with us about the match.