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Radio CRLC - Ep 14

Jolyon HoffComment
Radio CRLC - Ep 14

Monday, 1st of July, 2019

News headlines

Hiking break time in the pacific crest trail.

How to Attract People using body language

Futsal match at between learning centers

News Details: 

Khatera Amiri is presenting the first part of the news

Susanne and Gustave is on the hiking break time in the crest trail, this week Susanne tells us about what needs at the hiking time, and how to treats about your health issues and food during hiking. Susanne said “HI” to all CRLC students!. You can follow Susanne and Gustave on Instagram (Eco. Mail) and Facebook (Ecomile).   

How to attract people by using the body language, according to (wiki How Staff).

Nine things attracting people to you open up new networking and relationship opportunities. To do this, you will want to use the appropriate body language, say the right things and cultivate engaging personality traits to make people special and comfortable around you.


 On Friday 28 June, there were two futsal matches at the premier futsal ground in Taman Safari CIsarua Bogor. Mr. Reza CRLC sports coach is talking about.

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