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Radio CRLC - Ep 15

Jolyon HoffComment
Radio CRLC - Ep 15

Monday, 1st of July, 2019

News headlines

CRLC staff excursion tour to the Tindung Island.

Stress, and self-care management for refugee volunteers.

Interview with JRS staff about refugees around Indonesia.

News Details: 

Two weeks ago, all CRLC staff went to the excursion to Tidung Island, four hours from Jakarta. After six months it was a refreshing time for everyone to enjoy their time through swimming, group cycling, and playing games. Some of the participants expressed their happiness about the team building and togetherness.

Last week there was the stress, and self-care management workshop conducted by JRS and Pusat Krisis Psychology Fakultas the University of Indonesia, Mr. Budi Hartono was the facilitator with the assistant of Rangga and Saskia. It was for three days at the Erema Village in Bogor CIsarua, I was one of the participants and also, I interviewed Mr. Budi about assisting refugees through learning the Psychology issues.

Last week I Interviewed Mia, JRS staff, about the refugees. I asked her as an observer on the refugee situation around Indonesia and about the Indonesian Government plans for integrating refugees into the Indonesian community. In the end, she gives a message for both refugee people and Indonesian about communicating and supporting the two communities.

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