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Radio CRLC - Ep 16

Jolyon HoffComment
Radio CRLC - Ep 16

Today is Monday, 12 August 2019

News headlines

CL limited program manager and finance coordinator visited the CRLC

Woman English classes in CRLC had a yearly excursion in Jakarta water Park 

News Details: 

Two weeks ago, the program manager and finance coordinator Jolyon Hoff has visited the CRLC in Bogor Cisarua. Jolyon Hoff is one of the first supporters and the CRLC and CL. Limited Co. Founder, he attempts a lot for the CRLC and CL. Limited in Australia and Indonesia. In a dinner gathering, I have asked about his feeling, expectation and long-term goal about refugee children’s education and asked him about the current refugee situation in Indonesia.

 Last year the Australian International School’s teachers in Jakarta had raised funds on the international woman’s day, they have donated money for CRLC woman English classes. Last week the CRLC woman had an excursion to Jakarta water part, this is the second year that the AIS teachers donating for the CRLC woman English classes to have fun and gathering in the CRLC Campus or out of the CRLC.

The women's English classes have expressed their feeling and thanked the AIS teachers to support them.  

Khalil Payeez interviewed some of the women and asked their feeling about the excursion!

It was the latest news from the CRLC in Bogor Indonesia

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