Refugees can be part of the solution.

Success for Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre ‘graduates’.


Cisarua Learning is committed to supporting refugees in transit for as long as they need, but we are also incredibly proud of our ‘graduates’ who are lucky enough to be resettled in third countries. They are our ambassadors and continue to support us in many ways. In the future they will return to working for Cisarua Learning and continue to help the refugees who need support.

There have been 17 CRLC students and a 10 families resettled in Canada, USA and Australia and we are proud to say that they have been 100% successful in their new countries. All the kids are enrolled in school and are studying at their age-appropriate level. Almost none of the students required extra English lessons and went straight into the mainstream school community. Their families are also doing well, have found work and are settling in quickly. Some of the families have even bypassed the refugee communities and resettled directly into the mainstream community, skipping an often decades-long process.

A few examples of successful CRLC graduates include:

Tahira Razai, CRLC’s ex-manager, who has resettled in Canada with her two children and has been admitted to York University to study Fine Arts and Humanities. She continues to support CRLC in Canada.

Nagina Ali, who has resettled in Australia and is in her second year at Adelaide University studying a double degree. She plans to return to CRLC to help with the teaching once she is qualified. 

Muzafar Ali, the co-founder of CRLC, is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Political Science. He regularly speaks for refugees and about CRLC to audiences around the world.

The Karimi family has resettled in Houston, Texas, and are all doing well. Fatima’s grades at school are on track to reach her dream of attending medical school. Mr Karimi is working, while Fatima negotiates his contracts for him. 


“When I started going to the CRLC, changes came into my life. I found new friends with different backgrounds and new skills and ideas. I experienced how it helps to be in a community which is made up of different people with different languages and skills and how this can help you make a new version of you.” Fatima Karimi


Khadim Dai, another co-founder of CRLC, is living in the United States. He has been working in Hollywood with screen legends like Jim Carey, Catherine Keener and Michel Gondry. He directed a 30 minute documentary about LGBTI refugees in Los Angeles and presents and speaks on behalf of CRLC at events around the United States. He has just received a full-scholarship to study film at the California Institute of the Arts.