Refugees can be part of the solution.


It has been an incredible journey so far. Nearly 200 students are learning at the CRLC, including more than 50 older women and mothers who are attending school for the first time in the afternoons. 

100% of the refugee families resettled from the CRLC are successful in their new countries. They are ALL in jobs, studying at university, or have entered their age-appropriate school years without any English training.

The CRLC has inspired 10 refugee-led schools in Indonesia. There are 1500 refugee kids learning from around 100 refugee teachers. It is a refugee-led education revolution.

Thousands of Australians have been inspired by our feature documentary, The Staging Post (shot by 17 year old refugee Khadim Dai). More about the film at thestagingpost.com.au.

The idea that ‘refugees can be part of the solution’ is gaining traction with global decision makers, and the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre is a remarkably successful example.